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The Torture Will Continue Until We Give Our True Spiritual Leaders Their Rightful Place. They Are Shaman Not Schizophrenic.

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Dear Citizen,
I must bring to your attention the most important matter facing our people that you will not hear from mainstream media sources. 
Outside the Western World there is no such thing as a Schizophrenic, only Shaman, spiritual leaders.  The one percent of our people are the natural community leaders of our species and the most important ability we all have, has been intentionally hidden from our people. 
Our Empathic ability, to feel what another person is feeling, the ability to mind read, and make an educated guess as to what another human being is thinking.  The 1% of our population are the full empath’s of our species.
They are breaking down because of the way we have allowed criminals to create our Capitalist society.  People are operating on Power & Control within their mind’s, and this too is denied by mainstream Psychologists and Psychiatrists.  Most professionals are not aware enough to see what is going on with people around them to know the truth.
We are allowing a criminal system to systematically take away these individuals abilities when they are overcome with negative feelings and then require help from our medical system. 
Antipsychotic drugs are among the most dangerous used by Doctors.  One Doctor said their physical effects are worse than heroin.  The drug companies have grossly mislead us about their dangers.  Yet their use continues to increase at the hands of, very much in the dark Doctor’s.
These drugs make people erratic and cause even stronger emotion in several ways.  Effectively ruining the life of anybody who takes them, and they are extremely difficult to withdraw from. 
Even the fully trained Psychiatrists are very much in the dark about what their dealing with in terms of the people and the drugs. 
If we want to create a heaven on Earth as God intended, we must raise our awareness of the truth.  We must protect our most gifted of people before they become ill and place them throughout society as watchful guardians in order to stop corruption and so they may advise on the most human way of doing things.
This is how it was done in many cultures across the Earth, past and present.  Native American Indians are well known.  Africa and South America are among the most commonly known parts of the world where this is still the organisational structure of society in many places.  There will be no freedom if we cannot abide by Nature’s Law.  Criminals are dismantling our freedoms one by one and very few people are taking notice. 
At the moment, Doctors and Psychiatrists are quite comfortable, well paid and uninformed.  It doesn’t seem to bother mainstream medicine how badly people are being hurt as long as the immediate symptoms are silenced and the problems hidden for a short time.  Perhaps they need a larger emotional intake, a larger sense of feeling.  Something one percent of our people have naturally. 
A more powerful mind can lead to ego/identity problems if they are not trained in the ways of nature as we are all needing to be.  The “I am” part of ourselves is the most important we need to understand. 
Tony Blair and George Bush have both said that they think God speaks through them.  This is not a Messiah complex, it is the true way we are supposed to exist, with an awareness of who we are directly connected too.  These two men are responsible for much suffering and dishonesty.  They will not likely make it to Purgatory without asking for forgiveness and giving God’s true spiritual leaders their love. 
We are children of God and we are all his messenger if we understand his love is within us.  The more you come to understand your heavenly Father’s Love is a very real part of you, the more you relax and become peaceful and loving within yourself, leaving Lucifer’s Power and Control way of being behind.  The more you think about it, the more aware you become, and you are connected to the Devine.  Evolved.
You become a complete human being through self awareness, you must remember the truth about your origin to become fully conscious and aware.  Your heart is part of God's.  We must save our most spiritual of beings from evil. 

God forgives all, and loves you more than you know, if we can love our most spiritual of souls rather than allow evil to discredit them.  They are the strongest conduits of God and the spirit world if trained to use and understand these realities properly. 
Our spiritual leaders have access to more parts of the mind, this has been described as oceanic boundlessness, a rare gift also known as bliss.  This precious jewel can be spread into the hearts and minds of those who are aware of the truth and learn to love their true spiritual Fathers of society.
With a stronger dose of emotion comes a higher capacity to understand the human condition, and a stronger sense of protection.  They are the love, the light and the way. 

Never allow the corrupt, the unenlightened, or Satan to tell you otherwise.  Guide people gently towards to the truth.  It's time to awaken.

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http://shamanism.tribe.net/  - A gifted community sharing knowledge of the spirit world.

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"No Causes No Cures, But We're Experts And The Best Thing For You, Is Severe Brain Damage And Some Permanent Conditions, Trust Our Degree In Corruption.  You Are A Derranged Schitzofrenic Not Shaman, The World's Fine And So Am I." 

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Devil's Advocate Or Dangerous Mind's?

Quotes - From Mad In America Bad Science Bad Medicine And The Enduring Mistreatment Of The Mentally Ill "The most important bit of mental health muckraking since Deutsch's The Shame of the States was published in 1948." - In These Times

"Yet, as even mainstream psychiatry began to obliquely confess on the 1990's, the claim of efficacy had been built upon a scientific house of cards."

"One would expect then, that by the 1980s there would be numerous studies in the medical litriture documenting the superiority of neuroleptics. Yet in 1989, when Paul Keck and other Harvard Medical school physicians scoured the litriture for well designed studies that compare the efficacy of new neuroleptics to sedatives over a controlled period of time, they could find only two. And in these studies, "Both treaments produced similer symptomatic improvement in the first days, and perhaps weeks, of treatment." Their report was so unsettling to accepted wisdom that one physician wrote in stunned response: "Has our clinical judgment about the efficacy of antipsychotics been a fixed, encapsulated, delusional perception."

Allthough this is not a laughing matter our most spiritual of people being destroyed with chemicals, this man sums it up nicely 

These are the proffessionals who have learned more than what the mainstream teaches. They seem to talk about similer things as myself. 'Crimes Against Humanity' was one line on their homepage.


They are forcing severe brain damage on our children just in case they develop supposed Schizophrenia.  Look at how beautiful they are.  A very powerful song that sums up our problem.  Will you continue to allow our most spiritual of people to be killed?

You'de think there never was Susan Boyle the way these 'Healers' behave. Fortunatly she had enough good people around her to stop this from happening at the Priory. I love her new album, The Gift. Top Class.
I know I've made the people I've met within the medical community hang their heads in shame with just some well chosen words, and only some of these hard facts.
Courage resonates at a higher vibrational energy than a negative agenda.  I dont think it's me that's out on a limb here my friends

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Sooooo ... You Can`t Fool Them So You Call Them Mentally Ill?

People with supposed schizophrenia are able to correctly see through an illusion known as the ‘hollow mask’ illusion, probably because their brain disconnects ‘what the eyes see’ from what ‘the brain thinks it is seeing’, according to a joint UK and German study published in the journal NeuroImage.

If a group of monkeys are individually placed in front of a mirror, they instantly see ANOTHER monkey rather than realize that they are simply looking at a reflected image of themselves.

If a chimpanzee is then placed in front of a mirror, he, or she, sees a reflected image of the self, for it has a larger form of conciousness than the monkeys.

If the chimpanzee was able to relay this event to the monkeys, they would ALL say that the chimpanzee is seeing something that is NOT REALLY THERE.

They would ALL classify the chimpanzee as a delusional lunatic, and that what it claims to be seeing is ALL in the chimpanzees head, and nothing else.

Therefore, if you are ahead of the majority and have been able to connect to something that the rest of mankind has NOT, then they will ALL classify you as a delusional lunatic.

Therefore, still in this day and age, if you are ahead of the masses, you are instantly seen as the ONE whom is behind the masses.
We Have Shaman For Spiritual Reasons.  Don't Let Criminals Destroy Them.

A two page extract from Power Vs Force

Open Minded Discussions


A Larger Form of Coniousness From A Doctor's Perspective, Computing Information Theory:  (More parts of the mind are actively communicating in Our spiritual leaders.)

An Open Letter To Our Doctor's, We Must Tell Them The Truth.

Dear Doctor,

It is with the deepest concern I write this letter today.  I wish to bring to your attention the grave abuses that are going on in our mental health system.

The use of antipsychotic drugs must be halted with immediate effect, as nobody within the system has any insight into the effect of these drugs on the human brain and the fact that these chemicals are having the exact opposite effect to what we are being told.  I will attempt to describe the most important information I have gathered so that you may make good use of it within your capacity as a Doctor. 

The group of people these drugs were designed for, supposed paranoid Schizophrenics, have more input filters in the brain and these drugs, because of the lobotomising effect, the chemicals clinging to the d2 receptor, among others, the brain realises it is not functioning properly and creates even more input filters.

It is obvious we take in emotional and visual input through the eyes, the one thing people in this category already have a heightened sense of.  And that has been known for some time, long before knowledge of mirror neurons finally came to light in the public eye.

Mental health professionals were actually asking patients in 2008, and possibly beyond this date, whether individuals diagnosed with this condition thought they could feel another person’s emotions.  Some of our citizens actually had to explain to full time Psychiatrists that they could indeed and the basic science behind that ability.  This knowledge was presented by Professor Robert Winston as early as 2003, and shown on at least two TV channels that I am aware of, UKTV Documentary and the Discovery Channel.

I find it to be a shocking state of affairs that in 21st Century Scotland our people are being told that severe brain damage from antipsychotic drugs is the best thing for them when Doctors have not even got the first clue about what their dealing with.

It is obvious that we are all empathic, and we are dealing with the full empaths of our species.  I have not been able to confirm if there is any difference between input filters and receptors, and if input filters lead to mirror neurons.  However, even without that knowledge, the truth about what some people are designed to do, has become abundantly clear and it does not take a Psychologist to realise that Psychiatrist’s will not be quick to admit they have been hurting people so badly, for so long.

Most of the people I know diagnosed with this condition have never been delusional, there have been many Doctors that hold this view also.  I have read that this same group of people are considered to be Shaman in many parts of the world and the term Schizophrenic has been created by Western Doctors to describe people they do not understand.  And as the facts emerge about what this group of people are capable of, such as being able to see things that are there, that most people misinterpret, based on the hollow mask test which shows that only people with this type of brain design can see which side of a hollow mask is convex and which is conclave when asked to look at this image through a viewfinder, the reality is quite different from what we've been told.

Also the testimony of some Doctors who have experimented with LSD, which creates more input filters and allows access to more parts of the mind, a temporary brain design similar to that of a supposed paranoid Schizophrenic, and found they have been able to learn more about psychology in a very short space of time, than they have during decades of study. 

This all adds up to what appears to be, a larger form of consciousness for this group of people and the unique ability to understand the human condition in more depth than the average person.

Even if some in this category are delusional, yet again, we are making these individuals more prone to misinterpreting the world around them as these drugs destroy Neurotransmitters and make Neurotransmitters misfire. 

Robert Whitaker, a highly respected medical journalist, reported that one study has shown these drugs to enlarge the Basil Ganglia in the brain, which he stated caused even more extreme emotion.  He also mentioned that this has never been investigated beyond the one study he referred to.  A blatant disregard for human life by those in the higher echelon of the mental health industry, which means more civilised members of our society are required to take charge of these matters.

Another very serious lie our Doctors have been told about these drugs, is that they are a vast improvement from the first generation of antipsychotics.  However, the truth is, they are actually far more dangerous than the old drugs.  The first generation of Neuroleptics damaged the Dopaminergic system and were considered to be clean drugs, the new chemicals damage about 10 different systems all with the minergic title in their name and they are considered to be dirty drugs.

UK Doctors believe that drugs are withdrawn if one in a million people die taking them, however one in one hundred and forty five people died during the 2nd generation of antipsychotic trials and this was completely withheld from the publicised results.

Yet another lie we have all been told about these drugs, is that two thirds of people taking them for the recommended time of 1 year at the standard dose, will develop serious side effects many of which are permanent.  This figure was fabricated by criminals and still our medical community continues to disregard human life by repeating it when they are telling people of the possible risks. 

You will hear none of these ‘facts’ I have written so far from mental health Doctors or written on the information leaflets that come with such drugs, in fact, people diagnosed with this condition are actively discouraged from doing any learning about the effect of the drugs beyond the lies that are spoken.

I have learned about these facts from many different sources, most of them can be read in the book Mad In America by Robert Whitaker, as are reference points.

This book also mentions that some of the largest and properly conducted studies ever done by the World Health Organisation clearly show that non drug treatment is far better at dealing with such problems.

If an average citizen can piece this information together and realise just how badly people are being hurt, people who are already more sensitive, having their emotional sensitivity further increased through permanent damage to the brain and central nervous system, this serious lack of judgement from those charged with the responsibility of overseeing the industry, adds up to either serious negligence and incompetence, or serious corruption. 

People’s DNA is being mutated and people are passing along those genetic mutations to their children if they conceive whilst on these drugs, people are being mislead and even forced into taking chemicals that are worsening their condition and many are becoming addicted.  People begin to think that they need the drugs to cope once their emotional intake has been artificially increased and once their body is reliant on the chemicals.  

Nobody has offered these people anything different and nobody has made any serious attempt to transform our society, yet we know this is possible. 

People are being tortured against their will right on our own doorstep at the hands of criminals.  Emergency measures must be taken to make sure human beings in this country are told the full truth about these drugs and also to make sure that no citizen of this land will ever inflict severe brain damage on another living being,  whilst proclaiming it to be medical treatment.  This is not the dark ages and we will defend our most sensitive of people with the same rights and privileges as any other human being.

I have never lost faith in my Doctor’s the way I have with so many Psychiatrists.  I believe if we can bring about these changes swiftly and decisively in this country, then those actions will resonate far and wide for all beings who appreciate freedom.

Yours Faithfully

Your Spiritual Leaders Are Being Killed & They Don’t Want ‘You’ To Know About It.

Four Things I would Like To Point To In Relation To These Matters:
1st. The Stanford Prison Experiment, where we saw normal people put in a prison situation and told to marshall other civilians non violently, and within hours these normal people had devised all sorts of ways to hurt the people they were looking after through psychological means. They did not know why when interviewed afterwards.

2nd. The How Violent Are You Documentary with Michael Portillo, where we saw how 60% of people will go ahead and do the most horrific thing to another Human Being if a stereotypically trustworthy person tells them to do so.

3rd. One study I heard mentioned, said if the Human brain doesn't perceive consequence then it will go ahead and do whatever takes it's fancy.

4th. A recent British Medical Association study that revealed that 60% of people within my country's medical industry were too afraid to make complaints about their colleagues behaviour in case it damaged their chances of promotion.

After enduring several years of extreme psychological torture I went to my Doctors for help, he referred me to a Psychiatrist for which I was grateful.  When I told her I wanted to recover naturally, I was constantly badgered until I said I’ll look into it.  Then I read Mad In America, Bad Science Bad Medicine and The Enduring Mistreatment of The Mentally Ill.  I became angry and insisted on being signed off with the help of my loved ones.  Most are not so lucky.
I have learned much since this experience.  Though based on one fact alone, being asked by these full time professionals as to whether I thought I could feel another human being’s emotions and having to explain to them, yes I could and the basic science behind that ability, mirror neurons.  Information presented by Prof. Robert Winston in ‘2003’ and conveniently lost.  I obviously understood the basics as to how people worked and why I was different more than any of our supposed healers being paid 6 figures a year to help our people.  Vital facts have been hidden from our people about our abilities.

I discovered the 1% of society are actually Shaman, spiritual leaders outside the Western world and not psychotic or schizophrenic.  They are the full empaths of our species.  And because of the way we have allowed criminals to construct this capitalist madhouse, they are breaking down and some become very ill.  Then they are given even more extreme emotions with antipsychotic chemicals through an enlarged Basil Ganglia in the brain.  Something never even been investigated by our trusting medical leaders.

I have been called mad many times in my life by my friends after stepping in to stop somebody from being hurt or intimidated.  They always smiled at me afterwards with a sparkle in their eye when they said it, obviously not a bad thing that increased dose of emotion if it can help keep people safe.

Most people are operating on power and control, this too is denied by mainstream.   There are better ways to exist if we can stop our most sensitive of people being destroyed through disrespect and then supposed medical treatment.  We can all develop an awareness of God and know that he is a part of us, only then we will become fully aware, evolved, peaceful Human Beings.

Our true spiritual leaders have more input filters in their brain and these drugs also make the brain create even more input filters, making it very difficult to get away from toxic chemicals,  Doctors have no idea what input filters do as they have never been told we are all empathic.  They have no inclination to become spiritually minded because they are quite comfortable, well paid and uninformed.  They will not stop this outrages treatment of our most valuable of citizens because they will not be told by the mainstream what the truth is.  We must save our true spiritual leaders from the hands of criminals if we are going to effect change in this world.

These people have a stronger look in their eye because there is more going on, it attracts trouble in today’s society, after a time they lose their third eye consciousness due to stress and get labled psychotic or schizophrenic.  Some people are in so much pain they become delusional.  We must make our Doctors stop this ‘torture’ so we can save our society from capitalist criminals.  Most people are still poor, chemicals that are going into everything are changing who we are.  And criminals have us dumbed down and looking the other way.  Now we need to bring out the best within ourselves by helping others, especially those who can help reshape society with their knowledge of what is inside.

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